Shooting/Fundamentals Instruction & Training Costs
New Student Pricing Available for a Limited Time:
  • All Middle School and Elementary Students: $25/Session
  • All High School, College and Adults: $35/Session

Basketball Shooting and/or Basketball Fundamentals Training

We offer Individual, Small Group, Large Group, Family and Team Training. We understand the economic challenges of life and respect that each individual situation is different. We will work with you to get you, your family, your team or someone you care about the best training at a reasonable price point. Occasionally, under special circumstances, Coach Dave may negotiate pricing on a “need based” basis.

  • 1 player = $70/session
  • 2 players = $40/session per player
  • 3 players = $30/session per player
  • 4 players = $25/session per player
  • 5+ players = $20/session per player

Private and Group lessons are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. If necessary, Coach Dave will have you come in for a free 20 minute assessment.

Large Group Training, Seminars and Demonstrations are available upon request.