Introduction to Coach Dave Zemper
Teaching shooting is my passion. For example:

1) I am currently working with an individual that has played 2 years of College basketball and would like to compete at a higher level and potentially at a larger University. We are working hard to improve his already good shooting form to what I call Division I Pure Shooting form as well as developing a quick-release shot. His goal is to walk into any University and be the best shooter in the gym. My goal is to teach the proper technique and fundamentals to get him to the next level.

2) This past summer/fall I worked with a young High School female who had a goal to make the Varsity team at her High School, which is a top 10 program in the State of Ohio. At the end of our time working together, she made the Varsity team. Also, I get a kick out of the fact that she made 3 consecutive shots from the top of the key with her eyes closed…try it, you have to have excellent form in order to hit 3 in a row.

3) I have worked with and Coached kids as young as 5 yrs. old at a recreation level, which is a great deal of fun.

4) Recently, I worked with a 57-year-old former football player and tri-athlete that had never been able to shoot well but wanted to learn how. I was rewarded with laughter and pride as he hit 11 in a row with very good shooting form. Now he wants to shoot often and sees the NBA from a new set of eyes.

5) Years ago I coached a Division I, All-State Basketball player that earned a scholarship to play at The Ohio State University. We worked to increase his Free Throw Made % from 70% to 90%; he earned all-Big10 Honors and went on to play Professionally in Europe for 7 years.

All examples reflect various levels of competitiveness and desire. Each of the individuals had different levels of ability, interests and goals to learn how to become a better basketball player/shooter in order to be active and enjoy the game of basketball for life.

I have been playing, coaching and teaching basketball for the past 30 plus years. After a very successful Software Sales Career, I am now following my passion for teaching and coaching. My goal is to become the coach that I needed but never had as a young athlete. I have always wanted to coach full-time and get off the treadmill of chasing the all-mighty dollar. I have put myself in a position to help any person, male or female, young or old that has an interest in becoming a better basketball player. Whether it’s your first time picking up a basketball, or your goal is to play at the highest level, I have honed my passion for teaching basketball, in particular shooting and 3 point shooting. I have a consistent, repeatable coaching/teaching technique and style that will improve any person’s ability to shoot or play basketball at any level. I have worked with and coached Division I College Basketball players from numerous Universities in the Ohio area including The Ohio State University, Northwestern, Ohio University, Kent State, Dayton, Otterbein, Wright State and so on… I have coached and played in a Basketball Summer League with numerous NBA, European, and Division I, II, and III basketball players.

If an individual has the desire to become a better basketball shooter or player, I have the knowledge and ability to help them raise their game to the next level. If you want to learn from the introductory level, I can help. If you want to get to the next level from a very competitive standpoint, I have the ability to demonstrate and teach quick-release and pure shooting to athletes in order for them to improve every aspect of their game and become a better shooter and compete for a position at the next level.

Give me a call, no matter what your age, gender or level of ability, I will help you improve and enjoy basketball at a different level.