Z's 3s Philosophy
Shooting Philosophy:

Z’s 3s is a Basketball Shooting and Fundamentals training facility run by Dave Zemper. My, (Coach Dave Z’s), training philosophy is that if you want to be an excellent shooter you want to be trained by somebody that can shoot and has taken the time to master the art of shooting as a player. My goal was to Coach/Instruct full-time when I stopped playing full court basketball. Fortunately, I haven’t had to stop playing. I have been healthy enough to continue playing at least 2 times per week with High School, College and very good adult players at a continued higher level.

My philosophy is to teach each individual in an encouraging, understandable way so that each player owns his/her own shot and has the ability to become an excellent shooter. I have taken the time to break down the mechanics of shooting to a very consistent, repeatable, teachable level. I teach the proper mechanics of shooting at a high level. I teach a progression in shooting. I have the ability to demonstrate quick-release shooting and I am currently teaching quick-release shooting today.

I believe that if a student is willing to put in the time and effort to become an excellent shooter then they can learn to be an excellent shooter. Of course not every person/player has NBA or Division I Athletic ability but I can teach anybody to be a better shooter.

My Philosophy on Basketball Fundamentals:

The foundation of any sport is rock-solid fundamentals. If you want to be good at anything, you have to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Then you have to put in the time and effort to hone your skills in the off-season. Teams are made, positions are earned, and excellence is created in the off-season. You have to gain knowledge, receive excellent instruction, and put in extra effort in order to play any sport at a higher level. This is how I teach/instruct/coach.

Upon request, I will teach any fundamental aspect of basketball. Footwork, dribbling, passing, setting picks, one on one defense, perimeter defense, defense in the post, team defense, zone defenses, zone offenses, Big man post up moves, boxing out, full-court presses, half court presses, one on one offensive play, pick and roll, triangle offense, motion offense, step back, cross-over, reading defensive play, etc.

Basketball I.Q. can be increased as your understanding of the fundamentals of basketball increases. I have witnessed fantastic amazing play on the basketball court but it is almost 100% attributed to those players that have rock-solid fundamentals and have taken their knowledge, effort and skill to a higher level, to the point of effortlessness.